Hunter Baseball Ceiling Fan

Are your little sports fans begging you to decorate their room the way that they always dreamed of? If baseball is the sport that they love than you can decorate their room with wall posters of their favorite players, memorabilia, and a hunter baseball ceiling fan.

This specially designed ceiling fan is installed to the ceiling with the base in the shape of a home plate. The blades are shaped as baseball bats and are also reversible. You can allow your child to choose whether or not they want the blades to have the look of the traditional wooden baseball bat or the more modern aluminum bat. To be even more creative you can mix and match them.

The mechanics of the hunter baseball ceiling fan are hidden underneath the catcher’s mitt – which from far away might look like genuine leather but is really made out of metal. In the middle of the glove is the light globe that is made in the shape of the baseball. It even has the red stitching running down the middle.

Every little boy (and maybe a few girls) will love this baseball fan to complete their room. We have even found that a few adults will use it in their office that has been decorated with other baseball memorabilia and collectibles.

The Hunter baseball ceiling fan is easy to install if the room you are placing it in is pre-wired. All you need to do to fix this problem is to hire an electrician to get the job done. We don’t recommend that you try to pre-wire it yourself unless you are experienced at it. However, once the pre-wiring is done the installation will only take 30 minutes.

Before you purchase a Hunter baseball ceiling fan for your child’s room you need to measure the space that it will take up. The diameter of the fan when it is installed is 44 inches. They work best when they are used in small to medium sized rooms in order to cool the room properly.