Hunter Ceiling Fan Accessories

Every Hunter ceiling fan is unique in its own way and can be had with many different types of accessories. Many of these accessories are optional – but we choose to use them because they help to set the style of the room that they are being used in. They help to refine the look and the décor of the entire room.

One of the most common Hunter ceiling fan accessories that customers will look for are the different glass styles and light fixtures. Globes and original schoolhouse globes are two of the most commonly used glass options to cover the light. Other light fixture styles are spotlight fixtures, low profile light fixtures, outdoor light fixtures, energy efficient low profile light fixtures, and the original ceiling fan light fixtures.

Hunter offers many different types of controls to operate the different fans. These controls are universal and will even work on ceiling fans made by other companies. Each control can be mounted onto the wall and are easy to install. With them you can dim the lights and use the fans that are practically noise free. These controls are not to be used for outside use.

Many homes are being built with higher ceilings that make it difficult to use a ceiling fan that will work efficiently to cool off the room. You will not have this problem with Hunter ceiling fans and their extension downrods.

These special ¾ inch downrods help to set the fan at the height that will allow it to cool off the entire room no matter how hot it is. Hunter offers downrods in different styles that will match the finish and fit to match the Hunter ceiling fan you have chosen.