Hunter Ceiling Fan Parts

Every Hunter ceiling fan is produced with only the best and highest quality parts. Hunter has been a brand name for more than 120 years and because of their durable and high quality products they have become one of the most popular on the market. It comes as no surprise to us that they come with a Lifetime Motor Warranty.

Hunter uses the most advanced technology. One of the more common Hunter ceiling fan parts is their Whisper Wind motor that offers the best and more powerful movement of air. Each fan also utilizes the Anti-Vibration Technology that features their exclusive and patented triangular hanger ball system to help stabilize the fan and make it energy efficient.

When you are in search of ceiling fan parts you have the ability to compare the different brands. It will not take long for you to notice the difference in quality that Hunter has over other brands. To most of us they are just simple parts and they all seem the same – but Hunter ceiling fan parts last longer and perform better.

Hunter Ceiling Fan Blades

Many of us don’t know much about ceiling fans and the different parts that make them work. The only parts that we know and can easily recognize are the blades. The blades are the parts that we will replace the most often because they can wear out fast and break.

Hunter ceiling fan blades can be used on ceiling fans that were not made by Hunter. They are easy enough to purchase and even easier to install. If the blades are all you need you can pick up replacement kits that only sell the blades.

Hunter Ceiling Fan Motors

The blades might be the most popular and most replaced part of the ceiling fan – but the motor is the most important because it is the power source. Unfortunately it is the most difficult part of the ceiling fan to replace. Hunter ceiling fan motors have been designed tough and built to last. When you use one of their fans you are in luck because they do not break down easily.

Hunter Ceiling Fan Pullchain Switches

Besides the blades the pullchain switches have to be replaced often. Many people will yank on the chain when turning it on and will pull it right out. While it may seem difficult to replace it is one of the easiest and least expensive repair you will have to deal with.

Hunter Ceiling Fan Mounting Bracket

The mounting bracket is the part of the ceiling fan that keeps it attached to the ceiling. Usually the only time you will have to replace this part is when there is serious water damage. This part can be easily replaced even if it requires a downrod.