Hunter Douglas Ceiling Fan

John and James Hunter (father and son) created the first ever water powered ceiling fan in 1886 in New York. People took advantage of this technology and seventeen later their invention was improved upon when they began to use electricity to power them. In fact Hunter ceiling fan light were some of the first products to use electricity.

The two had created a company that produced top quality ceiling fans and it did not take them long to make a true name for themselves that people from all over the world would recognize.

The very first Hunter Douglas ceiling fan was named “The Original” and was designed with a cast iron pole motor. This classic design was popular to many people during this time and has remained throughout the years. Where many companies were leaving behind the vintage designs in the past – Hunter Douglas was making them popular again. That has not stopped them from using a more modern design for those of us with different tastes.

Despite all of the competition that they have faced throughout the many years they have proven time and time again that they have what it takes to impress consumers. Each ceiling fan and ceiling fan light that they produce is made with only the best materials that will last longer and save you money thanks to their innovative energy saving technology.

Because of their widespread designs and the cutting edge technology people from all over the world have continued to use them. They have built their way up in the world and have continued to offer only the best.