Hunter Original Ceiling Fan

Hunter has hundreds of different styles of ceiling fans for anyone of any type. But most people still prefer the Hunter original ceiling fan that was created when the company first began more than 120 years ago. This particular ceiling fan had a classic look that was popular at the time and has only improved with age.

While it stays true to its 19th century design Hunter has updated the technology. This technology and many of the designs that they use on the Hunter original ceiling fan and the other models are all exclusive and many of the m are patented.

These features that they utilize cannot be found on any other brand of ceiling fans and is one of the reasons why Hunter is the number one company to buy from. The features are built from only the highest quality materials and have been handcrafted for better performance and style.

One of the best features that they are well known for is the Whisper Wind motor that has been used in their fans for years. This motor ensures the owner that when it is being used (on any setting) it will remain quiet. You may even forget that you turned it on. It comes with a lifetime warranty that will replace it for you if it should break. But you will not have to use this very often because they are reliable and can last up to twice as long as any other brand.

Along with the Whisper Wind motor each fan is also built with the AVTTM Technology or the Anti Vibration Technology. The two of these work well together to ensure that the motor stays quiet and the fan remains in place without moving back and forth.

The AVTTM Technology is patented and an original design and creation from Hunter. It is a triangular mounting system that offers the perfect balance. The Choice 3 Positioning Mounting System is also an original design from Hunter that comes with a standard, flush, and an angle mounting capacity. This makes it easy to install and even easier to maintain.