Hunter Outdoor Ceiling Fans

During the summer months we use the patio for gatherings and barbecues. It is hard to do this when we don’t have the right tools and decorations to make it an extension of our home. Hanging outside is fun – but let’s admit that it is still hot and some of us can’t take the heat without a little help.

The best way to fix this problem is to install Hunter outdoor ceiling fans. As with everything that they sell you can choose one that fits your style and your décor. The difference between the outdoor ceiling fans and the regular models that are for indoor use only are the durability. Outdoor fans are built to withstand the humidity and damp weather conditions.

These are built with the same quality and can deliver the perfect breeze on those extremely hot days. They also have the ability to swat away all of those unwanted flies and mosquitoes. Hunter outdoor ceiling fans are perfect for greenhouses, covered patios, enclosed porches, and even for offices and homes.

The blades on Hunter outdoor ceiling fans are made using the highest quality resistant plastic, UV and corrosion protected finishes, factor sealed motors, and also stainless steel tarnish resistant hardware.You can find Hunter outdoor ceiling fans in every style and shape that will meet your taste and décor.

Hunter Outdoor Ceiling Fan Types

As is to be expected you will have many choices of Hunter outdoor ceiling fans to choose from. You can choose the model with a simple design or you can reflect your personality by choosing a fan that will match the way you have decorated your outdoor living space. Hunter has produced several outdoor ceiling types that make the choice easier.

Hunter Oasis Outdoor Ceiling Fan

The most popular outdoor ceiling fan model is the Hunter Oasis ceiling fan. It has a bronze finish that is sold with 54 inch, wicker, reversible, palm leaf blades and a light fixture. The three speed pull chain allows for a reversible airflow – which has been rated three on a scale from one to five. This particular model can be used indoors as well as out and can also be surface mounted.

Hunter Oasis Patio Outdoor Ceiling Fan

The Oasis Patio fan has been produced with a more intricate design along with a bronze finish. It comes with 54 inch, palm lead, antique dark, wicker blades. It comes with a downrod (not weather resistant) and an adaptable light kit. The easy to use three speed pull chain is perfect for this model and has been given tropical African style that makes it appealing to consumers.

Hunter Charthouse Outdoor Ceiling Fan

The Hunter Charterhouse fan is produced with four finishes that make it ideal for your outdoor patio and porch. It is available in white, black, weathered bronze, and new bronze. It comes with 56 inch, teak, white breadboard, and rattan bamboo blades that are built with a 16 degree blade pitch.

Hunter Beachside Outdoor Ceiling Fan

The Hunter Beachside ceiling fan is available in two different finishes that include; white and new bronze. The 54 inch tan sail cloth blades are built with a 14 degree pitch. It also comes with a three speed pull chain with an adaptable light kit.